Activity #209: Play choo choo

Holden rides the laundryIn my opinion, having extra laundry baskets around is really a lifesaver. I can do hella laundry and Holden can pull it out of the basket for me. Great game, right? Whitney assures me that around 12 months he will begin putting the laundry back into the basket.

Sometimes I just put Holden in a basket to keep him contained while I do something nearby (like pack a suitcase or empty the dryer). When he gets antsy, I hand him different objects to examine.

And finally, there’s the train game… three easy steps to rainy day fun. All aboard! You can drive the laundry-land express train through your house or just around in a circle.

  1. Pad the sides and bottom of a clothes basket with pillows or laundry
  2. Put baby in
  3. Push him around like a train