Knocked up but for reals

Christine is storked!I watched the movie Knocked Up with a certain amount of discomfort. Oh sure, I laughed like crazy at parts, but I couldn’t help but look over at my best pal, Whitney (8 months pregnant at the time) and my little 3-month old in his bucket seat and take things a little too personally.

I got pregnant a little too easily myself the first time. That’s not really funny. And some folks really struggle with getting pregnant. That’s not funny either. And all of a sudden, I was relating to the tired, older sister in her suburban rut and it made me sad too.

Now, I read about this girl, Christine, who is blogging about her real life knocked-uppedness for Glamour. Her writing is funny and fresh and cute. I laugh and I worry for her.

Is it just my hormones people?! Can’t I take a joke? Have a read and tell me what my problem is.

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