Keep your cool

I saw my reflection in the window during Julian’s Music Together class, dancing with scarves and swaying my motherly hips, and thought disgustedly, “who is that?” I felt embarassed for two people: 1) my adolescent self, who would have wanted to drop dead if she knew what she would look like in this moment twenty years forward, and 2) the future adolescent Julian who would want to drop dead if he had to stand anywhere near this person.

I realized I need to get my cool back and stop wearing these yoga pants everyday.

After a shopping expedition sponsored by my mom, I’m back on track and encourage you to try it, too. Given that cropped pants appear to be so popular that they are being worn with sandals, pumps and boots, featured on the red carpet, and have a whole category devoted to them on and Abercrombie & Fitch, they were my most recent purchase. I have received several compliments at work on these, and receiving compliments at work is on my list of 50 things I like to do.

Mission accomplished.

Whether you were a quirky dresser with cute hair clips, the loudest girl in the bar who could entertain (or embarass anyone), or that savvy person who always knows where to find the best coffee/parking spaces/vintage shoes, pick one thing to do today to put you back on that path. You might need to buy a non-parenting magazine for research, read some web sites related to your old hobbies, or hire a babysitter to let you go wild at night.