Gift Idea: Keep your cheesiness to yourself

I stumbled on something else that might make a cool gift for a parent. I used to sell these silver necklaces at my store: they had two different origami papers on each side, so it was like two necklaces in one, depending which side you wore. The ones I sold had a monkey on one side and pink flowers on the other. They are really well-made and beautiful. So, I looked at the website and now she is doing custom jewelry incorporating your own personal photos.

I think the most appealing is one that has the pretty paper on one side, and a picture of your kid on the other- so you don’t actually sit there displaying your kid on your chest. You can wear it paper-side out, but you have a cute picture close by (and close to your heart, awww) in case someone asks or you miss him too much!

Who’s Karen? Oh yeah, now I remember!