Activity #447: Keep in touch

Meagan, who is a rookie mom to Soren, wrote to us with this suggestion for how to be better about connecting with your friends. I love that is in the true spirit of a geeky girl’s approach to motherhood:

As my very understanding friends can attest, I have never been good at keeping in touch. I’m usually the ‘callee’ rather than the ‘caller.’ I had the requisite falling-off-the-face-of-the-earth period after my son’s birth in September, but recently began feeling guilty about my passive roll in various friendships. I resolved to be more proactive, but found myself overwhelmed as to where to begin.

Then I recalled my lovely, organized excel spreadsheet address list… Just for variety (& fun), I used the ‘= RAND ()’ function to assign a random number to everyone in the list and then sorted by those numbers. Then, I started at the top of the list! My goal has been to reach out to at least 3 of the people on the ordered list each week. Even if it’s just an email or a quick phone call, it’s a way of letting them know that I am, in fact, thinking of them!

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