Just say YES to holiday stress

This post on reducing stress was sponsored by Pediacare as part of a continuing series on wellness.

The holidays will officially begin when my mom arrives for Thanksgiving week. We’ll slide down a rabbit hole of sugar castles, half marathons, turkey dinners, and chaos that continues on through New Year’s Day. And somewhere in there, I have to order holiday cards too.

I honestly don’t know if the better advice is to say YES more often or to say NO more often. Yes leads to laughter, smiles, hugs from my children but also too much sugar, toys, and crazy behavior. No is rather Scrooge-like but it also protects my boundaries. So here are my tips broken down into both categories:

How to say YES to holiday stress

As I sit here writing, I am sniffling just a bit sipping tea and all bundled up under a warm blanket wearing cozy socks. It is my bedtime and I should head upstairs to get some precious sleep, but that means getting all chilled again in the process. I’m being a huge wimp and ignoring my own good advice. Say YES to bedtime!

Say YES to win an iPad Mini

The Pediacare team is giving away an iPad Mini through the Squeezable Moments sweepstakes! You can upload a photo to PediaCare’s Facebook page of a “cute, tender or silly moment” of your child for chance to win.

Say NO to being sick

Blech. The times of great joy and togetherness coincide with the spread of nasty germs and getting colds and flu. If check your child for a fever with your hand or lips, watch this short video about fever myths and realities.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Pediacare, who makes this Children’s Fever Reducer Plus Multi-Symptom Cold With Acetaminophen (for ages 4+), to make all the aches and pains associated with winter illness just a bit better. Thoughts are my own. Video and contest are not my own.