Just call me Baby Angel… of the dinner table

Tonight, Scarlett spread her dessert (lime Jello) on what was left on her dinner plate (pizza crusts). Wanna hear more?

As part of a project with Ragú®, called Mom’s the Word on Dinner, in which I got on a party line with some other moms and chatted about kids and dinnertime and their odd eating habits, I had the opportunity to hear Audrey, a mom of four boys, describe her 3-year old son’s outrageous requests at the dinner table.

I think I look a bit stiff in the video, but in real life, I was sincerely laughing as Audrey described the lengths she’s gone to to get her kids to eat, including calling her son by a special, preferred title.

As much as I’d love to collect your comments here about your own kids’ oddest eating habits, I think they’ve developed a pretty slick interface on the Ragú facebook page where you can add your comments and watch the other videos in the series.

Stay tuned! Next week, I’ll have another clip like this talking with other moms about kids helping in the kitchen.