Jump in the picture

family picture avec tripod

I loved that Joanne reminded us that too often there are tons of pictures of baby with friends and family, but only a few with Mom and baby because we’re so often behind the camera.

So take Joanne’s advice: Armed with your digital camera, make friends with the auto-timer function. Take some candid shots of you. Or, you and your little one. Be generous with the picture button. Go nuts. Even if the shots aren’t your ideal of perfection, you’ll be glad you did it. It’s fun and a great bonding activity.

Opteka Table Top Flexible TripodBesides, you really need to think ahead… Twenty years from now, it’s your hair and clothes (not to mention your car and furniture!) that will be so dang funny. Ask for a little tripod for Mother’s Day to make sure to get mom and dad in the pictures too!