Inside Scarlett’s closet: jeggings

Scarlett, age 3, refuses to wear any pants that are not leggings. No zipper nor button shall pass over her hips. “Stretch pants or no pants” is her motto.

Ryan and I are partial to jeans. Her big brother Julian has been wearing denim since he was a couple months old and wears them most of the time. Ryan and I wear jeans most of the time as well, and he keeps Julian outfitted in up-to-date washes.  I realize I am sounding more shallow by the minute, so let’s just go with it.   Basically, we’ve been reluctant to accept her leggings-only wardrobe.

When I saw Levi’s toddler jeggings at my local independent kid store, I fell in love.

These Levi’s jeggings are perfect for Scarlett. They feel soft and stretchy like leggings and offer the elastic waist demanded by the protruding tummy set. With a shirt hanging over the waistband, they look like jeans, including the trademark Levi stitching and red tag. And she totally went for it.

(FYI, I can only find them at one online store, Cookie’s in addition to the Levi’s online store. I paid less than $20 for these toddler jeggings and they come only in sizes 12, 18 and 24 months.)