Inside Julian’s closet: shoes

For those of you with upright walkers, we’re wondering: Where do you buy your child’s shoes?

Our nearest local mom-and-pop children’s shoe store (the one where people actually help you and know things about kids, development, feet, and merchandise) has closed, leaving us with a few boutiques that carry a small selection of shoes, Target, and The Internet.

In my family, we’ve turned to the Web: mostly Zappos and Amazon.  Julian was not picky about his clothing in the past, which allowed us to dress him in jeans, hipster t-shirts, Converse shoes, Vans, and other styles that reflected our own urban/skater taste. Then, he discovered sports, and now he wants to wear only sweatpants or worse — sweat shorts — and his “sprinting shoes”. I’m in denial that he’s no longer my doll to dress, so his closet continues to hold stuff that I like.

For those of you who don’t want your little dude wearing white sneakers with Diego prancing about on them, here are some ideas for alternatives, a sample of Julian’s current shoe collection.

native shoes for kids at are rubber, like Crocs, so they are lightweight, flexible, waterproof, and odor-resistant)
We’ve owned a number of velcro pumas in the past, but I could only find this current version on amazon.

One last note. Just as I was finishing this post, I clicked over to Facebook (Can you say “short attention span?”) and saw that these folks had left a message for us: Addattoos: Funky tattoos for your shoes.

Maybe a good stocking stuffer? Maybe a good item to have in your back pocket in case you order some plain Converse and your kid whines for decorations. Yes, shoe bling — it’s a thing.

Do you have a go-to kid’s shoe store? What does your kid wear on his feet?

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