Immunity-boosting smoothie ideas for spring

This post was sponsored by PediaCare in celebration of Spring. The experiences are my own.

My two-year old is suspicious of every food. Really. It took us three times offering ice cream for him to try it (ICE CREAM!) and forget about vegetables. If it doesn’t look like a cracker, he won’t put it in his mouth. Last week, I tried to get him to take a No Thank You Lick of a grape because the No Thank You Bite was so adamantly refused.

Therefore, it is with great delight that I brag to you about his willingness to drink immunity-boosting smoothies with seasonal ingredients. I can put any amount of spinach or kale into my heavy duty blender and he will slurp it up. Sawyer loves it when they’re green; he also loves the brown smoothies with blueberries (I try to call them purple).

3 terrific immunity-boosting brown green smoothies

3 tasty immunity-boosting smoothies (via SimpleGreenSmoothies):

These basic recipes combine fresh  seasonal ingredients with staples from our freezer. I know if my picky toddler eats one of these for breakfast, he can survive on crackers for the rest of the day!

3 terrific immunity-boosting brown green smoothies

I can’t get too cocky about my ability to sneak in nutrition into his diet with a straw. I tried to pass off a Valentine’s Day love potion once — in a delightful shade of pink — only to have him pass it back untried (“C’mon, kid. All berries, no salad!”). Maybe he knew that pink is less nutrient-dense?

[Photos by Whitney Moss]

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