Help, I’m the only girl in the house!

As I look around my house of boys and their toys, I’m a blur of mixed emotions. I wasn’t much of a girlie girl growing up with brothers, and I genuinely feared having a daughter because I’m still such a bitch to my own mom (I am working on it, I promise!). Sometimes, living in a testosterone-riddled house drives me more feminine: I am more drawn to pink than ever before; I wear dresses and skirts with regularity; and never forget to wear my lipstick.

More often though, I’m in touch with my inner boy-child. I decorate our house with superheroes and robots; get on the floor and play with LEGO; fire off rockets at the park; and kiss female drama goodbye.

superheroes art print from Etsy

I talked about some of the challenges and thrills of living with no other girls on this Kids In the House video.

Do you have a disproportionate number of boys in the house? How’s that going for you?

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