I’ll be theeerre for you

I was going to call this post The One Where I Broke My Foot, but I realize not everyone would get the reference to the television show Friends.  That show used “The One Where…” as the title for every episode. I’m not sure if this is common knowledge. You’ll have to tell me.

I bring this up because on a conference call recently with other bloggers, each person was asked to share something that people wouldn’t know about them from reading their blog. Heather dialed in a little late and missed the opportunity to participate in that ice breaker.  I’m not sure what she would have picked to share of her own free will, but I had one in mind.

What you all don’t know about Heather, that I will take the liberty of sharing, is that Heather was a superfan of Friends. She watched it new each week and watched reruns after work. She held a party to share the final episode with her real-life friends. She made references to it constantly.

And strangely, her brother’s name is Chandler; her husband’s BFF is named Ross; her BFFs from college are named Monica and Rachel.  You don’t know this about her because the Friends chapter of her life was over before the Rookie Moms chapter began.

So enough about Heather, let’s talk about me.

I broke my foot yesterday at about 9.15 am. I am in pain, yes, and the whole being a mom with a broken foot, well that’s pretty much impossible, so my husband has taken the day off from work to do, well, everything around here.

I wish I had a funny story to tell about how I was demonstrating some Kung Fu moves to Julian when I accidentally kicked a cement wall with all the strength in my 110 pound body.  Ok, 113 pounds. Or maybe I could be a hero, leaping over a park bench to catch Scarlett as she was about to fall from a climbing structure.

But no, I was simply walking out my front door, headed to the grocery store when I mis-stepped.  A twisty, crunchy mis-step is apparently all it takes to fracture a foot bone at the old age of 37.  Embarrassing, painful, and inconvenient.

With my husband at work on the other side of the bridge, I called on Heather to take me to the ER. She carried me to her car piggyback-style. Sitting in the triage room, answering the nurse’s questions, she stayed with me, waiting for my x-ray results.  It was a moment in life where you realize that you are truly grown up. Your best bud is sitting in the chair that used to be reserved for your parent.

I think we were in an episode of Friends, one that was both funny and touching. It was called The One Where I Broke My Foot. Cue the theme music.