If You Give a Mom a Martini… book review

I’m not so much a martini mom, but the subtitle of this book should give you a pretty good idea why I thought I’d like it: “100 ways to find 10 blissful minutes for yourself” — that’s pretty fantastic! And pretty close to our own philosophy of helping rookie moms survive the first year(s) of motherhood by having more fun.

MartinihrSo, you probably guessed it, I love this book. I am enjoying a little bit more than ten minutes of “me time” to inhale the book and rave about it while one child naps and the other chases his daddy around the backyard.

If You Give a Mom a Martini… is written in bite-size chunks so you can pick up the book whenever you need a fun idea for 10 minutes of down-time. Activities that I want to try include spending 10 minutes boxing my ass off Wii-style, chilling in a spa chair at the mall, heavy-flirting with an anonymous barista, and getting a foot massage.

Authors Lyss Stern and Julie Klappas share dozens more clever ideas for relaxing and sneaking in afternoon-pick-me-ups for little or no money. And how funny is that title? Anyone familiar with the If You Give a Mouse a Cookie series should already be laughing, yes?

I’ll also be featuring a few of the activities from IYGaMaM (with permission from Lyss) in the next couple weeks.

Lyss from DivaMoms.com sent me a copy to read in exchange for our own Rookie Mom’s Handbook, which I hope she likes. Thanks Lyss!