If it isn’t a “Hell Yeah”

If it isn't a Hell Yeah, it's a no

I read that zinger from an interview with Danielle Smith, and it really stuck with me. As a near-obsessive Yes-sayer, I need some reminders about when and how (and even why!) to say no to life’s little requests.

Danielle says, “Your time is precious. Value it. Make it a ‘Hell Yeah.’” Read the whole article at 3thingsformom.com.

So, What is 3 Things for Mom?

In January, when I was still busy saying yes to most things, I participated in the launch of a terrific web project. Lauren invites writers to complete the same simple assignment: to share a truth, a tip, and a find. She wanted to create an archive of inspiration to be enjoyed over morning coffee (or whenever you find your sneaky moments, thank you naptime!)

Each time I go back and visit, I find more rich advice and perspective. I dare you not to get lost in these words of wisdom: 3thingsformom.com/contributors

Tell me which things resonate most with you today.

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