I am truly in love with my Oxo Travel Mug

When I was on maternity leave #2, I had a dream of carrying around hot chocolate in a spill-proof mug that I could toss in a bag or leave on its side. It was an unrealized fantasy just like “sleeping through the night” or “breastfeeding without pain.”

I like carrying a travel mug because it makes me feel like I’m doing something good for the environment while I drink my hot chocolate with whipped cream and let my baby play with the cardboard protective sleeves and unopened packs of sweetener.

At first, I bought a brugo. It looked so cool in the flash demo that I felt sure it was the mug for me. It was definitely not. $20 wasted. Grrrr. I can see looking back that Lauren, in the comments, had given me the answer. Too bad I was too post-partum to take her advice then.

Not being one to throw money around lightly, I gave up on the dream for a while. In the meantime, Alec had some mild satisfaction with his Thermos brand travel mug. We both thought it was only ehh but it did the job. I, then, bought one from Peet’s Coffee that lasted me a little while. It was also just ok.

But then.

My Peet’s mug was hastily dropped from a bus and was cracked irreparably, giving me license to try yet again!

Enter Oxo!!! I already knew that Oxo was pretty awesome with most things, but I was wary of dropping another $20 on a lame attempt at a travel mug. But people, let me tell you, the Oxo Liquiseal Travel Mug does the job. Fill it, seal it, and toss it in a bag. No spills. And it stays warm for a really long time (my husband borrowed it on an outing to the zoo and was so impressed by the ongoing warmth that he tweeted it!).

So, there you have it: I love it and want to tell the world.

Oxo Travel Mug no spill

Nobody put me up to this post. Whitney has touted the benefits of travel mugs for a long time but I wasn’t listening to her. In fact, she even has this one already… doh!