Intriguing new way to save your family story (Sponsored)

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Now that my older child can type and navigate Google, I’m fascinated by his impulse to record his own experiences. Is he learning this from me or is it innate?

He’ll take a photo with my phone and then email it to himself. If he finds an image online he wants to save, say of his favorite sport team’s mascot, he’ll put it in his Google drive. This is a fragmented and messy way to keep track of things, and I worry for his future inbox, but watching his new habits have made me aware that I am no longer the only keeper of memories around here. It’s not like when we grew up and there was one family camera. Time passes quickly and soon my whole household will be able to equally participate in our family’s preservation of memories.

That’s why intrigued me. The service lets you jump right in, answer a few questions like “When did you get married?”, slurp in some photos from your computer, Facebook or elsewhere, and your family story starts to build.

Website for preserving family photos

The stories you create for your children can be handed over to them when they get older, including with special letters marked for “unlocking” on a certain day.  Or, you can kick off an account for your parents so that they can add to their own timeline. Each account holder gets their own view of the timeline, so when I allow Julian to start contributing, he’ll see himself as the primary person with his sister as a sibling and me as the parent. In my view, it’s my timeline with my own siblings as the siblings. (Duh.)

Note: I loved that asked if the parents of my children are me and my husband or me and someone else, because, hey, blended families. The system did not ask me if my siblings are parented by my father and someone else, and they are. I’ll have to see how that can be edited later…

Handpicking all the photos will be time consuming, but there are a few shortcuts available. If you want to add photos for a timeline event, say “Scarlett’s birth”, you can have the system just search for photos in a certain date range, say the five days following her date of birth. Or, just upload EVERYTHING and based on the dates, LegacyBuilder will put together a timeline for you, highlighting the holidays you select and the days on which you take more than 10 pictures (or change the number if you are a big photographer).

The fun part comes in when you start to imagine the video messages you want the kids to create for their future selves. I can only imagine what Julian would say to the camera when invited to leave a message for himself to open on his 18th birthday. It completely freaks me out to think that my little boy will have disappeared and a huge teenager with the same name and eye color will be leaning into the screen to see what that little dude wanted to say.

Each person in the family is assigned a “vault” and inside the vault are the time capsule items you place for him or her.

My friend Meri is selling her house right now. I told her I thought she should download the glamour shots of her home that were posted on the MLS listing and preserve them in her family timeline. It’s a big deal to sell the house in which your kids were born, right?

How are you capturing these things now?

Thanks to for introducing me to their service and sponsoring this post. The premium plan that lets you store a huge volume of photos is currently free for y’all. Use the code ROOKIE1 when prompted for payment to save.