Is it safe to paint a crib?

How to safely paint a baby crib like this caravan

Really cool furniture rarely comes at really cool prices. As much as I enjoy drooling over candy-colored modern furniture for children, I rarely splurge on such things. (Caravan Crib by Kalon Studios above is $695.)

When I shared Baby Guy Jamie Grayson’s advice about IKEA cribs, I did a bit of research and found that some folks were painting their IKEA cribs, giving them a whole new look.

How to paint an IKEA crib safely

How to safely paint an IKEA crib like emily from imperfect blog

{Emily from Imperfect Blog did such a lovely job, didn’t she?}

How to safely paint an IKEA crib into a rainbow

{This DIY Spanish blog is adorable and LOOK at this rainbow crib makeover!}

But I didn’t feel comfortable sharing inspirations for painted cribs when I didn’t know how safe it is. After all, babies chew on their crib rails all. the. time. That’s why crib rail covers were invented.

I was super excited to discover Lullaby Paint – milk paint – designed for use in baby’s room, including cribs. This led me to discover that milk paint, an old-fashioned paint recipe, has been revived by another company (called Milk Paint) that will ship you the powder which you mix with water to create the paint.

Bring on the lime and raspberry-colored cribs!

How to safely paint a baby crib PINK{by My Life in Transition}

How to safely paint a baby crib LIME GREEN{by Dana Made It}

How to safely paint a crib RED

{by Hope Longing Life}