Makin’ it: Mickey Mouse Pancakes

The following idea to make mealtime more fun is an excerpt from our new book Stuff Every Mom Should Know because we think every mom should be armed with such clever tricks up her sleeve.

  1. Prepare pancake batter as usual, from scratch or from a box.
  2. Using a small ladle or measuring cup, create one round pancake in the center of the griddle. This one will be Mickey’s head.
  3. As soon as the edges of your first pancake have stopped expanding, place two smaller circles of batter on the griddle, on each side of the head, at 10 and 2 o’clock. These will be Mickey’s ears.
  4. If the ears don’t reach the head on your first attempt, simply flip them as regular pancakes and try again.
  5. When all the bubbles in the three circles have stopped popping, flip the entire shape.

Bonus points for serving fruit that a child can use to give Mickey eyes and a nose.

Pro tip: Use a turkey baster as a batter dispenser for even greater control. Heck, you may feel capable of adding a bow to make Minnie Mouse or something even more sophisticated.

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