How to clean a carseat (sponsored)

I got a new car earlier this year and wanted it to be neat and clean for the rest of our lives together. But then I let my kids in it.

As you can see, we can’t even keep the cupholder inserts in their place because they were being used temporarily as a “carseat” for some very small stuffed animals.

Ok, who am I kidding? My car was messy before I had the kids, but they have made it seventeen times worse. I mean, I didn’t even have library books or bunny-shaped crackers before I had children.

As a Q-tip tipster, I’m sharing this carseat-cleaning concept with you today in the form of a video which I filmed in my driveway.

This video is part of a series of Q-tips-inspired posts. See some other clever uses for Q-tips on their Facebook page and YouTube channel.

Now please tell me your carseat(s) are as crumb-covered as mine.