How the OC Bloggers raised money for diapers

At the annual BlogHer conference this year, alongside the traditional hosted cocktail parties that require inspire bloggers to bring every dress in their closet, a small group created a service project. The goal? To generate funds for diaper donation to families in need.

Last month, ten thousand diapers that resulted from this project were dropped off by Alicia. TEN THOUSAND! The recipients of the donations are clients of three different social service agencies in Southern California.

How did they do it?

MomsLA, a new go-to resource for Los Angeles parents was throwing a party. They signed on the Anaheim/Orange County Visitor Information Center as a sponsor, enabling that organization to get to know the bloggers in the area. One of the MomsLA bloggers, Kim Tracy Prince, who is a co-panelist of mine on Momversation, invited the folks at Momversation to donate two iPads for a raffle.  Ywater donated one as well. The three iPads were used to incentivize party guests to buy raffle tickets at the party.

Marketing lesson of the year: Everyone wants to win an iPad.

I attended the party and was more than happy to buy a strip of raffle tickets. Heather did, too, and she WON an IPAD 2!  Woohoo!

Making it bigger

The benefit of executing a service project at this event was that the word of mouth extended beyond the party attendees. An online form enabled people who heard about the event on Twitter or Facebook but weren’t going to be there to make a donation and be entered to win as well.  Finally, Kim made a video that was distributed online, asking people to make a donation. She shared it and asked other people to spread the word.

I thought the whole thing was brilliant. At a party where folks are indulging in appetizers, cocktails, and “cute shoes!” compliments, I don’t think anyone minds opening their wallets for moms who are unlikely to be treated to such luxuries in their day-to-day lives.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments. I am happy to invite the MomsLA crew to help answer them.

This post is intended to plant the seed of a diaper drive in your mind. As part of the Huggies Every Little Bottom™ team, I am being compensated to help spread the word about diaper need. Please also see “5 clever diaper drives.”