How did he get in your skirt?

Julian and Holden are very close friends. I love to see them scurry off after a snail or investigate a statue head and wonder what (at 30 and 25 months respectively) they might be discussing. They both share an interest in diggers, trains, chalk, and musical instruments. They can both sing most of the words to Happy Birthday and several of the various Music Together selections… but there is one thing that they don’t share. Yet.

Julian likes to wear his mama’s clothes. I’ve seen him wear her hat and jacket. I’ve seen him carry her purse. But I did not see the day he was wearing her skirt. I would have really liked to see that one.

And if history is any indication, Holden will be donning my dresses in another few months.

I wrote this little ode to Julian and the skirt as part of the ParentBloggers challenge “What Are You Hiding Under Your Sk*rt?” — My answer is “a toddler boy”