Host a FRESH movie screening

Last week I saw this eye-opening documentary, Fresh, about our overly-complex food system and I wanted to share. My favorite story from the movie was about the woman who figured out how to get grocery stores in her area to label Fresh and Local products so it is much easier to support our local farmers and artisans. Another guy, Will Allen, was doing amazing things with his plot of urban garden to teach inner city residents how (and why) to grow their own food.

Here’s a preview:

Having read The Omnivore’s Dilemma, much of the message was not new; however, seeing it all on the big screen offers a more emotional impact. Plus seeing the movie is totally a Cliff’s Note version for busy parents who will never make the time to read such a loooong book.

If you’re a new parent, your brain is probably still mush and you might struggle to keep your conversation topics from veering toward sleep training. Seeing this movie is a fast and easy way to become literate about the nation’s current conversation about FOOD (access, quality, justice, etc.). Even if you totally disagree, you’ll have a crash course in the topics and an opinion to share next time you’re at a party.

Unfortunately (for the fresh folks), the movie does not have wide distribution so they’re getting it out there with a bunch of house parties and small community screenings. Rookie Dad Alec and I considered asking our preschool if we could hold a small screening… but then we’d have to deal with all the kids. Ugh.

Fortunately for us, if you’re housebound with a new baby, you can order up a screening kit and show a limited edition first-run movie in your own home while your friends bring (hopefully-fresh) food to your house for a little soiree?! For $20 its less than the price of a pair of movie tickets and a babysitter.

Lay your baby down for bed as per the usual routine or hold, shush, and bounce as needed while you learn important lessons about food. Besides if you don’t get a chance to actually watch the movie when your friends are over, you’ll have the DVD to try again some day during naptime!

Let us know in the comments if you order a screener of Fresh!

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