Hop into your own children’s book

I always thought it would be cool to write a children’s book. Madonna did it a few times, and she’s cool, right? Oh sure… that’s not why she’s cool, but anyway, this story is about me and my baby.

I’ve run across a few different companies that help you get your little one really into a book. Some use real photographs, simplistic avatars, or fanciful (unrelated) illustrations. I doubt your baby will care, so you might as well choose what you like.

I also found wildly different prices too. I tend to have a problem with books costing more than $5. Thankfully my mom doesn’t feel the same way, so we have a few in the house despite my legendary penny-pinching.

Here are a few of the players:

  • Flattenme will incorporate a photo of your child into a clever story. I just ordered one for Holden so I can vouch for the order process (easy!) and grumble about the price (~$40!) but I don’t know about the finished product just yet.
  • Shutterfly Adventure Books sticks your baby’s photograph in a book so you can really see your child carrying on with Dora or Elmo (~$40).
  • ChangeIsStrange personalized books help with transitions (like new sibling on the way or giving up the binky); books have child’s name with funky illustrations and no implied realism. (~$30)
  • Printakid goes a step further into making the illustrated avatar-child like your kid (~$25) — see my review on our blog.
  • DIY completely with self-publishing at Lulu or Blurb — if you’ve got nothing but ideas and time and want a truly professional product; go for it! (prices range)
  • Low-cost paperback or e-book Imagitales seem like a good bet if I were to buy one of these myself instead of just hinting broadly (~$10) — see reviews on PBN.

Parents of preschoolers! FlattenMe is offering five free books for the best potty training tips in honor of the new Potty Dance Book. Visit the FlattenMe Blog or email them at hi@flattenme.com and enter your ideas. They will PRINT the best 5 tips in the back of the book and give away copies. Contest ends November 30th.