Home and garden success stories: 270 days to go

Yes, I realized last week that my clock is ticking but also that I’ve done a few things that I haven’t bothered to report on. Thank God.

This February and March, we did a whole remodel project that added a second bathroom to our house. Pity that it wasn’t on our to-do list but I can add it to the did-do list at least!

88. Paint the office Yay! It went from white to butter and became our bedroom. Like I said, not exactly as I imagined it two years ago, but whatev.

89. Plan a backyard garden and patioPlanned but not executed; looks like that counts for this task!

90. Plant a backyard garden Check! In conjunction with a mother-in-law visit last summer, we built a box garden where there was none and made some beautiful vegetables sprout.

91. Plant a fruit tree or wall of bamboo Wahoo! Also in June 2008, we planted a second lemon tree. The funny (ha ha) thing is that planting a second lemon tree in our backyard finally encouraged the first lemon tree to grow fruit. I guess it was just lonely.

92. Grow tomatoes This is a tricky one. Last June, we planted four kinds of tomatoes, and many grew but NONE of them ripened. A couple weeks ago, we tried again. So technically we did grow them although we ate zero tomatoes.

93. Move to Chicago This one is not currently being pursued. Much to the disappointment of our Chicago friends and East Coast families.

94. Build an upstairs addition on our house Kinda sorta. We are not building UP but we did consider this option and instead built a second bathroom where our laundry room used to be. It’s as done as it’s gonna be. But I can’t really cross it off.

95. Throw a backyard party to celebrate Alec’s last summer birthday barbecue celebrated the birth of our new garden. As well as the introduction of Guitar Hero into our lives.