Loving these holiday craft crates for preschoolers

I totally get that this post is going to come across as an ad for Kiwi Crate, but the fact is I would tell my friends about it. And I have.

These craft kits are $20 and come in the mail, containing everything you need for the project. You don’t have to go searching your house for glue sticks, rubber bands, or hole punchers.

Scarlett is currently obsessed with two things: packages in the mail and craft projects, so this would be a perfect gift for her. Did you catch that, Grandma? You can buy just the kit you like, or let it kick off a subscription with a new box of craft materials coming each month.

Let’s review the holiday Kiwi Crates.

Christmas theme:  Has everything you need make a cardboard gingerbread-ish house. No candy or crumbs, but cute as heck. Plus, materials to make 3 paint-swirl ornaments.

Handmade Hanukkah: Kids will make two things: first, a sparkly, tissue-paper-covered menorah and second, a spin art dreidel.

And finally, there is a kit that includes materials for kids to make their own cards, paper journals and hand-stamped ribbon to use with gifts. They’re calling that crate “Gifts Made By Me“.


Disclosure: Yes, we are affiliates and delighted customers of Kiwi Crate. Any purchases you make through these links feed our own craft habits.

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