Holden’s very awesome preschool graduation

Holden’s preschool graduation ceremony was held on a sunny morning in late-June. His class of 13 Princess Whales (Democracy in action: the class chose their own name, after Holden had lobbied hard for sea turtles or robot skeletons) gathered for pomp and circumstance on a miniature scale.

me and my rookie baby at preschool graduation

This group sat in a semi-circle facing the gathered parents and friends. Unlike a ceremony in cap and gown, outfits ranged from preschool formal to fairy princess and soccer uniform. Any child who wanted could request special treatment (Holden’s requests included “Mommy, I want you to sit behind me the whole time!” and “no hugs, only hand shakes” to the teachers).

Each of the children prepared to share a talent (or two) in addition to answering questions (“What will you miss most about preschool?”) and receiving a certificate. The talents were adorable and hilarious: little girls in tutus did twirls in the name of ballet, orchestra members banged on sticks and drums to the tune of something, the squeakquel singers performed a lip-synched song from Alvin & The Chipmunks, and the martial arts kung-fu-karate boys paid homage to their own vivid imaginations.

Holden scored high marks for awesome in his karate demonstration. Allow me to share.

Ok, truth be told, the boys started out doing chops and kicks and play-fighting in each other’s faces before one of the teachers rushed the stage to whisper some sort of calming, grounding words to Holden. Then awesomeness reigned as it should. The uniform helps too, right?

After the “formal” part of the ceremony, the whole crowd adjourned to the play yard for a potluck feast. Because this is preschool, they readily forgave Milo when he grabbed a handful of 7 pieces of cheese.

Even better than the food — and there were cupcakes and sweet potato pie — was when all the kids got a chance to bang the stuffing out of their class mascot, an enormous green paper-mâché whale piñata.

A pixie battles the Princess Whale

The whale finally emptied her innards once all the little kids had a swing when the first big kid in line really went to town. Trinkets and healthy treats showered the children and they greedily stuffed their pockets.

And it was all freakin’ adorable. And awesome. And I’ll really miss that group of kids and parents. *sniff*