Hipstamatic iPhone app: so worth it!

I downloaded the Hipstamatic iPhone app for $1.99 at the recommendation of my photo-snob friend, Jen. Loving it!

I call this one “Hipsta-Milo” and it was taken by Holden.

Photos are taken with various “photoshop effects” to simulate the results of the 1970’s era limited-edition camera, the Hipstamatic. You can select from film, flash, and lens to create different effects. Or just shake the iPhone to get a wildcard combination.

Additional goodies (more funky lenses, films, and flash effects) are available for more money, but I think you’d have to really know what you’re doing to bother with that. For $1.99 I totally love it!

Other things to know: All photos come out square. Because it’s like an old-school camera, you can’t review your image immediately and you can’t be too sure what’s included in the frame. I offer an example:

I centered in on these lovely cupcakes but the dirty dishes surprised me in the final photo. Because of the “film border” I can’t crop it out without losing the coolness.