Help me design the ultimate photo book (and win!)

Have you ever made someone a beautiful personalized photo book and seen their face light up? It’s a good feeling. After my mom took me to Italy to celebrate my 30th birthday, I totally “won Christmas” (my new invented expression for the best gift of the year — let’s all make it a thing, ok?) by giving her a commemorative photo book. Years later, it is still sitting in a highly visible spot.

I don’t know if I’ve had as good an idea for a photo book since then. I need one now, though, and I hope you can help me out. Snapfish has challenged me to unleash my creative lens on life in the form of a unique photo book and it’s a contest.

If your ideas spur to me win the best photo book out of a pool of ten, then we all win. Literally. If I win due based on the ideas of Rookie Moms readers, you commenters win a photobook, too!

Here’s some fodder to inspire you (to inspire me).

  • I have a beautiful baby boy who is likely to be overshadowed in many ways by his big brothers. I could whip up a little book documenting his first three months, birth, or gestation.
  • Then again, I have a delightful boy who has just become a middle son; I could create something uniquely his so he doesn’t feel that he has to be the biggest or the smallest just to get our attention.
  • And Holden… well, isn’t everything in this house already labeled with his name? I probably wouldn’t do a dedicated “Holden is awesome” book but I could do something clever featuring our house rules or jobs that makes being the biggest a little bit more fun.

But let me consider your ideas (so we can really turn this contest up to eleven). What would you do? What should I do? How can we make this photo book really special?

Want to win your own awesome photo book?

Leave a comment on this post suggesting a creative idea for my book (and your email address please). I will choose my favorite suggestions from you guys and create a book using the Snapfish design experts. If my book is good enough (and kicks the butts of the 9 other photo books competing), you guys will win photo books too. I’ll share the final product and my process in my next post. Got it? So, bring it on!


This post series is sponsored by Snapfish as part of the “Your Creative Lens on Life” campaign. Photo book credits will be awarded if my book wins the contest to the first 100 commenters below.