Help a Mother Out. Please.

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you might know that I have been interested in collecting diapers to donate to women who cannot afford them. Last year, I collected more than 2500 diapers and dropped them off at a Women’s Drop-In Center in Berkeley. I was inspired by a group of moms calling themselves Help a Mother Out.

This weekend, I will be co-hosting a party in San Francisco at the Peekadoodle Kids Club, and you all are invited. (No, sorry, I can’t buy you a plane ticket.) For Bay Area folks, however, a $35 donation will get your family (of up to five people) admission at this amazing indoor playspace.  The party is this Sunday, May 2. Guests will be entered in our raffle and receive swag bags, too! (BUY TICKETS HERE!)

All the money from ticket sales will go to the Mother’s Day Diaper Drive. (BUY TICKETS HERE!)

Why is this so important to me? Because my life is easy. I have never lacked for a parent to comfort me, a bed to sleep in, or enough money to cover basic necessities such as hygiene products.

Other women who have two little kids, who need diapers every week, and don’t have the money to spend on them, are forced to make their diapers stretch – to reuse soiled diapers or to put ill-fitting diapers on their child.

So, here’s the ask my friends: Please consider a) attending one of the diaper drive parties happening around the country; b) making a donation by going to my party link and selectingI can’t make it, but I’ll be there in spirit”; or c) spreading the word about Help A Mother Out by hosting your own diaper drive or talking about someone else’s diaper drive on your blog or Facebook page.

And once again, the soapbox:

Every baby in America has the right to an adequate supply of clean diapers. Can you imagine not having enough diapers for your baby? Did you know that diapers are not covered under safety net programs like food stamps or WIC? For many families in crisis this can mean being forced to choose between affording other basic human needs — shelter, food, medicine, or diapers. Not having enough diapers can lead to severe diaper rash, increased fussiness, caregiver stress, as well as child neglect and abuse. If you care about this issue and the health of our children, please support Help a Mother Out

Are you in the Bay Area? Come say hi this Sunday, May 2 in San Francisco at the Peekadoodle Kids Club. (BUY A TICKET HERE!)

Are you in Tuscon, LA, Kansas City, Long Island, New Haven, or NYC? There is an event near you, as well.