On a mission for healthier children

Have you heard about Healthy Child Healthy World? A non-profit on mission to inspire parents to protect young children from harmful chemicals, it is an excellent source of answers for questions you may have during your parenting journey.

We first became aware of Healthy Child a couple of years ago when our real-life friend Sunny (who forged the rookie mom path ahead of us and sometimes puts her child in a container) told us what an important organization it is.

So when I wanted to help a pregnant friend with her new concerns about safety and toxins, I asked Janelle Sorensen (the Senior Editor and Outreach Director for Healthy Child Healthy World), to help me create a round-up of great green parent bloggers, and she totally went to town. Janelle whipped up a massively useful cheat-sheet of eco wisdom that we could share with our readers.

By the time Healthy Child’s community manager, Danielle asked us to jump on board as official ambassadors, we were already there.

As ambassadors, we try to participate in twitter parties (that are packed with helpful tips, but often held during our witching dinner hours), receive information about healthy alternatives to everyday products, and we get to see and share videos like this one, A Wake-Up Story from Healthy Child Healthy World on Vimeo.

I love this particular video because it has the unique ability to make me happy and sad at the same time. It captures that optimism/pessimism/overflowing-with-emotion that rocked my world during pregnancy and hasn’t left me alone since.

Want to get involved?
Throw your own Healthy Child Healthy World home party. HCHW provides kits for the parties with samples of healthy products and a DVD with simple suggestions. You provide the snacks and the friends. Whitney held one earlier this month and I’ll be throwing one later in the summer.

Don’t feel like doing the whole house party thing? Start slower with just one of the Five Easy Steps for a safer, greener, healthier life:

  1. Manage pests safely.
  2. Use non-toxic products.
  3. Clean up indoor air.
  4. Eat more organic and healthy food.
  5. Be wise with plastics. Use alternatives as much as possible.

We’re in great company on this. Other ambassadors include:

Disclosure: We joined the HCHW campaign as unpaid ambassadors because we want to spread the word about simple ways to create healthier homes. We occasionally receive product samples and stuff like that.