Activity #438: Have some no-impact fun

We’re not so big into TV at our houses but as our babies turn into toddlers, you will find our sets tuned into the odd Wonder Pets, Signing Time, or Sesame Street at various times throughout the day.

So as we struggle with new babies and clever little toddlers and our creativity is starting to flounder a little bit, our pal, Karen, sent us this awesome list of how to entertain your two-year-old with no TV from No Impact Man. Here is a little excerpt:

We stomp the laundry in the bathtub together. “I’m splashing with my feet,” Isabella says.

We wash the dishes together. “You need my help, Daddy?”

We roughhouse on the bed together.

We ride aimlessly around on the No Impact Mobile (our tricycle with a back seat for Isabella), seeing what we can see and singing This Old Man if it’s sunny and The Old Man is Snoring if it’s raining.

We bang things really loud.

If Michelle isn’t there, we tell her things all the same and wonder if she can hear us in her mind.

We practice seeing who can scream the loudest.

I love this list because the activities are free/cheap; they do without not only TV but also other annoying toys; they get the parent to have fun like a kid; and they’re just so Daddish.

More ideas on how No Impact Man entertains Isabella without TV