Happy un-birthday Milo

I was looking around for your happy birthday tribute post and didn’t find it. Bad Mommy. Well, no more.

Dear Milo,
You are feisty and funny as all heck. You are a huge source of joy. Your hugs are outstanding.

Oh, the drama! You fall to the floor fake-weeping if someone hurts your feelings or your body, and, just as quickly bounce back. You like to kick things. Between the drama and the kicking, we should enroll you in mini kicker soccer class already.

You scream louder than I do. And that’s really saying something.

The kid has pipes

You believe in the spirit of abundance. You never say no to taking turns (the opposite of your big brother btw). Sometimes you want “two more minutes” but you always share.

Your imagination is incredible. As a one year old, you frequently bit your toast or waffle into shapes and told us what they were (a mountain, a bat, a giraffe). Now, you can scare your big brother with stories of invisible monsters.

Same boy, different car seats

Can one be both cautious and fearless? I suppose you’re cautious of what other people want you to do. And fearless with your own ideas. You’ve been climbing high and falling far since before you could walk. You love it.

You are curious. You like to write letters and guess how to spell words. You are a master of puzzles.

For your third birthday, you only wanted to invite one little girl to your party. You cherish your friendship with Violet above all else. It is so pure and beautiful but also makes me nervous for your heart. What happens when sweet Violet chooses other toys or other friends? Why must your eggs all be in her basket? I am especially kind to Violet in the hopes that it will prolong your delicate status as BFFs; you’re right, she’s a gem.

Vilo circa Summer 2009

You love to dance. After seeing Toy Story 3 — which was entirely too mature and scary for you, sorry about that — you picked up a Latin Buzz Lightyear-inspired tango dance that was probably worth the price of admission for me. You also have several different invented dances: how boys dance, how girls dance, dancing with props, booty-shaking, and the famous after-bath-naked-dancing.

You are thoughtful and observant with a memory that’s rock-solid. You still like to tell the story of when “mommy got stuck in the backseat and called for help” (thanks child locks!) and that was over a year ago.

You waited until 18 months before you would try to walk. And as soon as you did, you mastered it: stood up in the middle of the room and walked across the house like it was no big whoop. Come to think of it, we didn’t know what color your hair would be until about then either.

I love to watch you grow and change every day and just wanted to capture a few of my thoughts and observations before you go and change again.

Milo, last week on a preschool field trip

I could eat you up I love you so,