Happy holidays (cards early this year)

Every year, I send out cards that say “Happy Holidays” and it’s not just because I tend to celebrate both Hanukkah and Christmas. I like the big winter holidays (I haven’t really met Kwanzaa yet but I suspect we’d get along great) but the problem is that I don’t usually get around to mailing my cards until New Years so it seems safer to cast a wide net around the season.

But this year, my wide net might just include Thanksgiving because I already received my cards and they are just waiting to be sent out. The photo cards from minted.com look fantastic (if I do say so myself, I did pick the picture and kinda the design). As satisfied as I am with the cards themselves, I was most impressed with the service.

The minted.com website shows a variety of attractive designs for photo cards to choose from. After ordering, each uploaded photo and card style are then finessed by a real live designer for maximum aesthetic appeal. Not only that, but when Rick mailed me a proof, and I didn’t like the result (sort of a “what was I thinking with that combo?” kind of situation) he offered me some choices of styles that would work better with my chosen photo. And he was right.

I was very pleased with the professionalism and SERVICE. Rick and friends made it super (duper schmuper) easy to get a high quality card in minimal time. Thank so much for that! Because other than stamps, what I don’t have is time.

Now all I need to do is find my addresses and buy some stamps and I could shock everyone on my New Year’s Card list this year.

I was given the chance to order these cards for free for sharing my opinions from the Parent Bloggers and Minted. And I would have paid for them.

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