Happy birthday Holden, the big six

Happy birthday to my big boy, Holden. Your energy, enthusiasm and zest for life keep on growing. There is so much silliness packed into you that your eyes twinkle with it. I like to describe your sense of humor as very age-appropriate. In this picture, your infectious giggle charmed the socks off your older friend, Julian. Now, it’s your knock-knock jokes and goofy puns.

You are clever too: a whiz at chess and a fiend for all things LEGO. You seem naturally talented at sports, which is lucky, because you hate to be bad at stuff. Kindergarten really blew your world and your mind wide open. I have been so proud of you this year to see you read bigger and bigger words and eagerly accept more responsibility at home (“hey, where’s my laundry helper?”).

You love to know the routine of people and places and hate transitions to new situations. That’s fair, I suppose, but your huge personality and fearlessness in talking to new people seem to kick in right away (making me wonder why you were ever nervous).

We had hoped to find one perfect summer camp to allow you to get into a groove and feel comfortable. Instead, we were swayed by your many interests: sports, science, swimming, and art… and signed you up for far too many. Please forgive us.

You decided on a recent roadtrip that your favorite restaurant is Subway because you could talk with the adult cashier and order everything your way, down to the number of olives. Parenting a child who knows exactly what he wants and when (and how) isn’t easy, but I’m so proud to see you turn into such a confident little dude. Just like in years past, you have planned your own birthday party. This time, Angry Birds.

And you are so handsome, I could eat you up. (Right, ladies?)

Looking forward to another wonderful year of adventures with you, my sweet!