Happy 0-5 to Holden

Happy birthday to my five-year old rookie baby. Yes, Holden, you made me a mom, mommy, mama, mother, and even a mommyblogger. You rocked my world and changed my life.

baby Holden and his mama bear

But that was then, who are you now?

You are a fun-loving, outgoing, social-as-heck biking dude. You love big machines, digging in the sand, watching the movie Cars, and looking in the mirror. You love chess, counting high, and enlarging your vocabulary (recently asked, “mommy, is craigslist a real word?”). You have been memorizing books since you were 18 months old. You can be amazingly helpful and loving, especially when there’s a treat in it for you. You are a great big brother (except for the pinching, punching, and name-calling).

brothers mid-tussle

When asked, what are your birthday wishes, you told me “I want good fighting moves and to be rich.” I hope you’ll be happy with the shiny red bike and new chess set. Maybe some of your friends have some good ninja moves to share with you.

me and my big guy, photo credit: Erin Leigh

You are an enigma.

You have planned all your own birthday parties. This year, you asked for a robot-themed party, which has morphed into robot-lego-starwars-with-ice-cream-cake-and-no-big-kids. I hope we do it right.