Guess which famous mom wrote this

Hi Ya’ll. Well, this is hard for me to day, but I need to acknowledge that I’ve been a complete idiot. It was like I got myself back, and I was free again and I forgot the past few years and wanted to be a kid again. I hope you can imagine what it’s been like for me, and try to put yourself back at my age and try to imagine being in my shoes.

So yes, I let myself go, I drank too much and decided to hang out with some very unfortunate people who also drank too much. I partied and I puked and then people started talking about me and my fitness. It didn’t help that one of my friends had to go into rehab, and that another apparently has herpes. These things start to open your eyes, you know?

Once I realized that in the eyes of the world I was no longer the better, or classier of the two of us things really started clicking for me.

So consider this my promise to try and do better. I’ll wash my hair and take out the extensions. I will wear clothes that fit and provide room for imagination. I’ll go home more, and to the bar less. I will not be seen in the company of people who have no excuse to be in the public eye. I’ll try to remember where I came from and what got me there, and most importantly I will be with my family.

I’m gonna try ya’ll, so be patient and try to imagine what it was like, and how great it seemed to be free again, even if just for a little while.


(This is the part where you guess)

Ok, we confess: she did not really write this, but Jack’s Raging Mommy did as part of Blog Exchange Day. (She is an admittedly insane person who tends to curse to much, and loves celebrity gossip more than is healthy. She can be read at I Am Jack’s Raging Mommy and she promises to not freak you out. Too badly.) Post your guess here.
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