Great Expectations: BlogHer ’10

Heather is on a family vacation right now, but in just a few days we’ll be meeting in New York City to attend BlogHer ’10, a conference for women who are bloggers.

This is, apparently, what bloggers look like. At certain hours.

This conference is unique in that it is about different things for different people. For many women, it’s about a hobby that’s introduced them to friends who they have never or rarely met. For these folks, it’s a girls weekend away/slumber party/mom’s night out. For some, it’s a professional conference as they earn a living by writing blog posts. For some, it’s even more professional as they’ll be representing not just themselves, but also the companies they work for, connecting with bloggers in hopes of identifying some with whom they might work on a social media campaign the future.

The three-day event is packed with parties and activities in addition to the conference panels and sessions.

As such, everyone is very very excited about being there, some to the point of crashing and burning because it’s all too much.  I pride myself on maintaining balance, sanity and saying “no” when something is more than I can handle, so I am going with a list of things I look forward to doing at BlogHer. If I do most of them, it will be a success.

  1. Tell as many people as possible about the Huggies Every Little Bottom program and talk about my recent adventures with diaper donations. Huggies has gotten really involved with diaper donations and is paying my way for BlogHer.  I’ll spend some time at their booth on the Expo floor sharing information about diaper shortages and how we can all contribute.
  2. Tell Kristen’s belly that I still feel badly that I didn’t cook large, healthy meals for her when she was secretly pregnant at my house for 24 hours.
  3. Take a cute “bangs + glasses” photo with Danielle Friedland, who like me, wears bangs and glasses.
  4. Introduce one of my favorite real-life friend bloggers, Wendy, who will be a BlogHer virgin, to people who will be kind and gentle to her.
  5. Hug the friends I made from Portland over the past couple of BlogHers: Asha, Gina, and Katherine.
  6. Steal Rachel from method’s drink tickets because she is a rookie mom-to-be (and make sure that she meets Meagan “The Happiest Mom” Francis, who I am looking forward to meeting.)
  7. Do something “off campus” even if it’s just eat middle eastern food from a street cart with my online fraternal twin Marketing Mommy whose two kids were  each born within two weeks of mine.
  8. Be inspired to write better, edit more thoughtfully, and up my blogging game by attending all the sessions in the writing track of the conference.
  9. Meet up with other women who produce local guides for parents like ours (such as Jessica, Christine, Erin + Rachael, and Anna) — and then roll around and smother myself in all their good ideas
  10. High five everyone who has been working so hard on athletic and fitness goals (such as Amelia Sprout, Julie Marsh, and the eat, blog, run crowd)
  11. Ride a mechanical bull for the first time and impress fellow Healthy Child Healthy World ambassadors like Whitney from Mommies With Style with my unexpected bull-riding abilities

P.S. If you don’t already read it, is a site packed with good content from a bazillion passionate bloggers.  Today I have an article on the home page there: Back To School: 10 Great Rain Gear Choices for Kids