Graduating our rookie kids

Today the babies that inspired this website start public Kindergarten. Holy macaroni and cheese.

A moment of reflection today.

As Julian and Holden have grown, we’ve grown the site, adding activities for toddlers, then preschoolers. But now what?

As Heather and I struggle to balance our dedication to supporting true rookie moms with our self-centered desire to blog authentically and document our own real lives, we frequently debate how our readers might be reacting to what we write.  Fresh new moms, we fear, will be unable to relate to tales of shoelace- tying lessons and soccer practice.

On the flip side, if we stick to nursing bras and maternity leave outings, we offer nothing to our peers with whom we entered the world of motherhood in the mid 2000s. Of course some of them are doing it all over again, but they are no rookies. (Although aren’t we all rookies? Forever?)

Julian swinging, the same week this website launched.
Julian in the same swing, last week.

So what do you think? Newbie moms, do you enjoy reading about our big kids or do your eyes glaze over when we talk about them?  RSS subscribers, we hope you’ll click through today and weigh in. How old are your kids? How long have you been reading Rookie Moms?