Good stuff I found for you: Mid-January edition

So I bought these shoes for myself because so often on a chilly morning, I envy my kids’ fluffy boots. I wanted my own super casual fluffy-ish boots, and I saw them on HeyJenRenee, who is always sporting skater-chick-chic. I haven’t worn them yet and I’m still not sure about them.

I have very little patience for watching videos online, but I found myself watching a video for every pair of shoes on that I was considering. Jeez. Sucked me in big time.

My current favorite reads (you guys don’t mind if I just ramble, right?):

Baby- and Kid-related stuff that has crossed my path:

What’s the best thing you’ve seen online today?

P.S. Heather wrote some really helpful tips on Babycenter for those who have two kids under two.