Good stuff I found for you

I’ve been collecting some links and feel the need to dump them all out here.

  • See Jane Fly has a checklist for flying with a baby 0-6 months. Every time we travel I wish I was one of those people who has a check list stored in her suitcase. I just wasn’t born with that gene.
  • lets you type in your zip code and get listings of restaurants with deals for kids eating free. The main event, however, is the iPhone app you can download to put that content right in your purse.
  • The Bee and The Bobbin published a tutorial for making felt slippers that are ohmygod so cute with a little cut out design. See pictures below.
  • Lisa from Picnic is pregnant! with twins! which is nice for me because in about 6 months I bet she’ll let me hold a baby whenever I see her. I am wishing her a very healthy pregnancy.
  • CafeMom editors assembled a slide show with a bunch of eccentric celebrity baby names. I had seen most of them, but a few were new to me.
  • Wendolonia, another blog-turned-real-friend, made these tie-dye window decorations with her son that I know mine will go nuts for. That’s my activity plan for this afternoon.
  • Simple Wishes is the maker of a new hands-free pumping bra. Hooray for the women who brought this awesomeness to market. (Anyone tried it yet?)
  • The Bump has a whole section on birth stories. For those obsessed with the topic, enjoy.