Giggling: Striped Edition

It’s been about 12 months since my obsession with stripes began.

Maybe it was the French parenting craze that set in, or just finding a first favorite striped shirt that put me on a path to acquiring ten more, but I’m almost ready to put it to rest. Not just yet, though.

First, I want to have a look at all the cute baby stripes I found on the giggle website.


The outdoor blanket. I have one of these waterproof throws, and I used it all the time during Julian’s first year. My friends and I were constantly meeting up at a park and laying the babies on the ground. On the weekends, my husband and I became frequent picnickers as well, picking up take-out food and eating al fresco while baby Julian watched us. (Al fresco does not mean “naked”; it means “outdoors”. I always get confused and think it means “naked”.) My kids are big now, and I take that same blanket to their soccer games. Every new family needs one.


Organic striped cotton sheets and apparel. Cute, cute, cute. And I far prefer geometric designs than duckies and bunnies on baby clothes.

Rugs. The clever folks at giggle probably imagined these striped rugs would go in a nursery, but I like them for anywhere in the house. Heather has a very similar one to the circle in her den and it looks great.

giggle-striped-rug2 giggle-striped-rug

When I was a kid, my dad always said “Yikes! Stripes!” if we put on anything with bold stripes. How do you feel about them? Have we moved beyond the conventional wisdom of horizontal stripes being renown as unflattering?

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