Giggle round-up: November edition

On the giggle website, where I noticed today that shipping on holiday gifts is free, as is gift wrapping (score!), I noticed that they put out a very appealing holiday catalog that you can browse online. I didn’t receive it in the mail, which I might say is a mistake on their part, because if I’m not the target audience, then who is? (Ok, maybe someone who is a little more trigger happy when it comes to pulling out their credit card.) Seriously, I think that as someone who doesn’t have a baby in my house, I am maybe MORE likely to splurge on the cutest newest STUFF for little ones, because I am not distracted with financing the necessities like diapers.

So let’s play the game IF I had my own tiny baby, what would I buy on giggle?

For my imaginary 0-3 month old baby:

I love this activity mat from skip*hop, which is great for tummy time. My stepmom just gave it to a family friend and I saw it at her house last week. I’m already ruining this game because I wouldn’t buy this for MYSELF. (Who spends $75 on their own playmat? No one, that’s who.)  But I would easily buy the matching mirror because I know how much my babies loved their little activity mirrors. (Also great for promoting tummy time.) This mirror is $17 and adorable.

For my imaginary 4-6 month old baby:

Time to start thinking about food. I loved our clip-on feeding chair and will be handing it on my kitcheniest friend when she has a baby because she’s got a kitchen island that makes this the most space-saving solution for solid food-eating babies.

I’m not sure if that feels like a gift for baby or for his parents, so I’m going to throw a second option in for this age group. This cozy, organic striped sleeper comes in a girly (below) and boyish (click) color palette. Cute, right? You can also get the same look and feel in a 2-piece outfit.

For my imaginary 6-12 month old:

I am a strong believer in the power of the lovey. My kids were both attached to small blankets like this one, and I promoted their attachment by placing their loveys-to-be in their carseats with them every day from the age of three or so months. My four-year old daughter is still sleeping with three of them. (If you are going to move forward with a security blanket strategy, buy three of the same one upfront, and rotate their usage to reduce trauma when one gets inevitably lost or forgotten.)

For my imaginary toddler:

I’m having trouble narrowing down amongst the push toys. I’m thinking the combo of pushing AND blocks is pretty awesome for a toddler.

push pigpush toy with blocksmodern ride on
For my imaginary preschooler:

This art-to-go box is only $10 and is a super convenient way to introduce colored pencils and pastels to your child’s art vocabulary. My son’s pre-K teacher specialized in art education and was a huge advocate for getting kids into pastels, something many of us would not come upon naturally. We have a case very similar to this (must be a deluxe version) and love how it all packs up together.

That’s the end of my product picks. Here’s what Heather posted on the giggle GAB blog this month:

My hospital packing list. I have been to the hospital for childbirth three times now and I’ve concluded that packing almost anything is a nice-to-have with the possible exception of a car seat for the babe. That doesn’t mean I arrive empty-handed, however. In fact, during my third pregnancy, I began tucking away little odds and ends into my hospital bag about two months before my due date. Just in case. (Read more >)

Note: We are employed by giggle to contribute to their blog in a column called ParentTalk. When we tell you about those posts, we like to throw in a few pretty pictures, hence the length of this post, in which I clearly got carried away.

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