Giggle round up for May: I really did giggle!

First, the LOL

When I sat down to write this post, I realized that I had not read Heather’s latest contribution to the giggle GAB site. I smiled and nodded as she reviewed her surprise pregnancy discovery during a trip to Africa, but when I got to the bottom of the post, 5 Clever Ways To Announce Your Pregnancy, I truly laughed out loud. Internets, you are too funny!

Then the tears

It seems like each year, the promotion of holidays becomes bigger, longer, and over all, crazier. When Mother’s Day approached and I felt like everyone on all channels was yelling at my “REMEMBER YOUR MOTHER!” I thought, gosh, when do I ever forget about her? My editor Danielle was moved by this piece I wrote — and maybe you will be, too: On Becoming My Mother (And Not Minding One Bit).

Next, a recommendation

It’s nice to have a go-to first birthday gift if you are in that phase of life where everyone around you is having babies. They’re born and the next thing you know, they’re turning one. I think a ball is an excellent gift: one size fits all, never gets babyish, and shockingly delightful. (Have you ever seen a 12 month old with a ball? They can get very excited.)

I bought my cousin’s daughter a set of balls from the giggle store in L.A. There are four in the package, each a different color, perfect for clutching and rolling.

Finally, an unscientific survey

We’ve been writing on the giggle website for a while now, and I’m curious if that’s a brand you already have an affinity for. Have you ever heard of it? There are 13 physical locations of the store and a slick website with a companion mobile app that make baby registry pretty fun. Will you let us know if giggle is already on your radar?