giggle link round-up December-style

Hey guys, Is anyone else panicking about Christmas yet? I got started really early this year so I feel like I’m simultaneously ahead-of-the-game and late on everything. Tree? Super early. Gifts? I just freaked out and handled all my shopping today including a present for myself in case everyone else forgets me. (Ummm, who does that?)

In saner times, Whitney and I wrote these terrific posts that live on our giggle blog. Please take a deep breath and enjoy them with me now.

5 tips for surviving the holidays with a little baby

Perhaps I’m just paranoid. Maybe you feel supported and lifted up by all the love when you hunker down at your parents’ house for a few days. But if it’s a mixed bag or you do relate to my feelings of angst, read on.

Here are a few tips I’ve put together after eight holiday seasons in this dual role of mother and child.

1. Verbalize your needs.
Just like your husband cannot read your mind, nor can your extended family. Saying, “We’ve become early risers since Liam was born, so we’ll go ahead and have cereal on our own instead of waiting for everyone,” is actually helpful to your hosts. It might even liberate them to take their own sweet time in morning and not rush around trying to meet you for breakfast that you don’t even care about. If you need a quiet space for a bedtime ritual, make sure to ask for it, rather than stewing because your brother-in-law has the television volume up loud. {read more on giggle}

Picking the toys that last forever

If I were the Queen of Everything, I would only buy the most cherished toys for my children. Every toy would be loved and played with. And probably, my kids wouldn’t whine either. But in the real world, it can be tricky to choose toys that will stand the test of time.

Here are four questions to help find your child’s next favorite toy.

1. Can you play with it more than one way?
The “play value” of an item is directly proportional to the creative things you can do with it. A baby chews, a toddler stacks, and a preschooler can create elaborate cities from a good set of blocks.  {read more on giggle including my top product picks that last and last}

Oh yeah, I got this!

Covet-worthy green gifts for your kid are now on sale.

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Also, let’s be honest. Your baby or toddler doesn’t care if the presents arrive on time. Don’t put that stress on yourself.


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