Giggle link love: September edition

As part of our work on the Giggle website, we are exposed to some pretty sexy baby products (am I allowed to use the word sexy to describe baby products?).  Here are three that caught my eye recently:

This collapsible feeding chair is called the Nano High Chair and it comes in a selection of juicy colors, just like the iPod nano. The footprint of the chair when it’s folded is pretty darn slim which makes it seem like a good choice for Grandma and Grandpa’s house if they’d like to invest in a high chair. On sale this week for $99 – plus follow this special link and get access to an extra $10 promo code.

Impressive, right?

I’m just going to keep going with the orange theme. This chalkboard storage bench is $70 and looks great for hiding stuffed animals that don’t get daily play.

Another collapsible item, this stool is perfect for empowering toddlers around the house. Place it under a frequently used light switch and make your toddler the king or queen of turning the lights on and off. Price: $15.

Also on giggle GAB recently:

  • When it doesn’t go how you planned: One of my favorite questions to new moms is, “What was your biggest surprise?” Though most of us do obsessive observation of friends and heaps of reading, the reality almost never matches the fantasy. For some of us, it’s childbirth itself. For others, it’s breastfeeding. Or all the crying. Or regaining our sense of self. MORE >
  • 5 missions for new moms: The first advice I always want to give new moms is that they need to get out of the house, fill their calendar with social activities, and find activities they can handle with a baby in tow. I’m not saying to push a jogging stroller on a 10K run at Week 7, but if you really love running… maybe you should. Here are five activities to slot on your maternity leave calendar. They are not designed to overwhelm you, but rather to stimulate your mommy muscle groups– accomplish these things and you’ll build courage, confidence, and camaraderie.  MORE >
  • Can you REALLY sleep when the baby sleeps? Yawn. Just thinking about the rigors of caring for a newborn on a round-the-clock schedule makes me sleepy. MORE >

And now our question for you: What made you giggle today? Paste a link in the comments to a funny video you saw on Facebook, a poster you saw on Pinterest, or a silly joke your dad told recently.

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