giggle link love: February edition

As part of our ongoing partnership with giggle, the fabulous baby boutique, I am sharing a few favorite product picks. This is what I’d pick if I had all my been-there-done-that opinions with a totally blank slate and open budget to furnish a nursery.

The crib: I would want an unfussy crib with clean lines. I would also want it to change its own sheets, but in lieu of that, I just want it to be cool-looking and safe. This Harper Crib converts it into a toddler bed. At age seven, Julian still sleeps in a toddler bed so that’s a big score for value!

The chair: An awesome chair in the nursery should be comfortable for late night feedings (footrest is a must!) but also good for bedtime stories for years to come. Once it gets booted from the kids’ room, I want it to be attractive in my living room. Is that too much to ask? This Cole Glider (pictured) has an ottoman and is washable (important!). I also LOVE this orange Grano glider, but I fear it’s too hipster for me.

The changing table: I want a piece of furniture at just the right height for a changing pad that can live on as a dresser and book shelf. Whitney really nailed it with her changing table for Julian. This Century Dresser is well-made and sturdy enough to live on for years. In fact, I might want to steal it back into my room.

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