giggle link love: December edition

My December round-up is all about clothes for mama and baby.

The Baby:

As Sawyer outgrows some of the precious newborn and 0-3 month outfits, I want to reminisce about the teeny tiny wee little newborn clothes. giggle has some seriously adorable 100% cotton clothes in their Better Basics line. If you’re in favor of soft organic clothing (and/or allergic to characters on smallest people), you’ll like them too.

I love the “kimono-style” wrap around onesies and shirts for babies that are so blobby you don’t even want to lift their heads to dress them.

These kind of stripes always make me think a baby looks French:

Oui, skull cap only $10
matching jammies in any size, perfect for big sibs too


the little dress I do not need... sigh

The Mama:

Whitney has been my post-partum fashion champion, telling me that I look great and normal (and reminding me when my belly is hanging out in public). In addition to the steady trickle of confidence boosting comments, she reminds me NOT to buy an entire new wardrobe as each week passes. Here, on our giggle parent talk column, she offers What to Wear: Postpartum Edition for everyone else’s benefit too.

ha! I'm actually wearing this now!

Hop on over to giggle GAB to read the rest of her suggested wardrobe finds. And step away from the sweat pants.