Get some super fun T-shirts in the mail

I don’t know about you, but none of my prepregnancy shirts seem to fit right. Too short, too tight. You get the idea.

Tees me pleaseI think that right after stepping out of your ill-fitting jeans, the next best thing you can do is find some fun T-shirts. Our friend Karen started a website that will send fun and funky T-shirts to my house. This is welcome news since the furthest I typically go to find my next fashion choice is Target (diapers, wipes, cute T-shirts, check!).

Yeah, you may be living in yoga pants, but your T-shirts don’t have to be plain plain plain too. (However, after seeing my “funky monkey” tee shirt one too many times, she’s almost cut it off me with scissors.)

Mailbox Tees offers a subscription based model featuring limited editions by selected designers.

They also have a plan for babies that increases the size for each subsequent shirt (very cute shower gift!). The plan for mommies (as I understand it) assumes you will be staying the same size.

True story: last year, Alec and I both got each other mailbox tee subscriptions.
Discount code: use FF10 and save 10% off