Activity #360: Get some stuff done before baby arrives

What to do?If you’ve already started your maternity leave but are just waiting for your baby bundle’s arrival, you have a golden window of opportunity to get some stuff done. But what?

When it was my turn, I lounged around the house getting very bored before my good friend Scott decided he wanted to learn to swim. Anyway, he and I hit all the area pools and I conducted impromptu swim lessons while on-lookers assumed he was the father of my belly. That was a nice few days… but apart from that, I didn’t know what to do with myself.

My best ideas:

  • Review our kick-ass registry/shopping list and make sure you have essentials on-hand. Then if you want to shop at Target on Day 8 of your baby’s life, it’s by choice.
  • Do a little pre-reconnaissance (pre-con?) mission to some of your favorite locations. You’re looking for a changing table and general baby-friendliness.
  • Tackle your own crazy nesting projects — for me it was cooking, freezing, cleaning, shopping (it all seemed to have happened on the Tuesday before my water broke), for you maybe pulling weeds or knitting sweaters
  • Eat a pomegranate with your partner — make a wish for the baby with each of the many seeds
  • Call all your friends — they’re wondering if you’re giving birth every second they can’t reach you on the phone anyway
  • Relax and savor your (uncomfortable) body and life at this very moment

Gotta run… my baby’s crying and he’s the boss of me!